Redefining Retail Radio

StreamLink is a cloud-based, curated music, news, brand messaging and advertising platform for retail environments.

We've refined every aspect of our in-store streaming service so that all you need to do is plug in and play.


Redefining Retail Radio

StreamLink is a cloud-based, curated music, news, brand messaging and advertising platform for retail environments.

We've refined every aspect of our in-store streaming service so that all you need to do is plug in and play.

Music to Your Store

Introduce a customised professional live radio presence built from the ground-up for your retail environment and enjoy all the benefits of entertaining, targeted media engagement with your customers as they shop.

Fantastic Music Variety

We play the very best of the 70s, 80s, 90, 00s and all of the latest hits, streamed directly to you.

Brand Advertising and Announcements

Regular updates from our in-house DJs, along with dedicated airtime for brand appointed announcers & marketing messages.

Increased Sales

Drive customers to your products through your own brand advertising, including scheduled weekly specials and sales.

Happier Customers & Staff

Combine entertainment with brand engagement as listeners enjoy the latest music and specials that your brand has to offer.

Retail Friendly

Every track we add has to pass several curation checks before it is approved for playback – we keep only retail-friendly songs, ready for playback in your store, safe for your business.

Professional Announcers

Experienced talent presenting the latest corporate messages, news, sports and weather updates throughout the day.

We've got you covered


Years of Hits


Retail-Friendly Songs


Hours of Music

Australian; Cloud-Based

Providing the most reliable streaming service is no easy task – that’s why we stream directly from the cloud; all our infrastructure is hosted in Australia. When paired with our streaming devices in-store, even with unreliable internet access, our dependable hardware and resilient software brings you the best background music service right across the country.

Simple Setup

For our customers, setting up and using the StreamLink service is as simple as plugging in the StreamLink Receiver unit and you’re ready to go, but under the hood, our devices work in perfect harmony with our live servers to ensure that you never have to worry about drop-outs.

Smart Systems

We monitor all of the StreamLink Receiver units on our network in real-time, so if we notice that your store is having network difficulties we will get in touch with you immediately to ensure that you’re informed of the problem. From there, our skilled tech staff will gladly aid you in finding the optimal solution.

Staying at the Forefront

Here at StreamLink, we pride ourselves on our cutting edge technology and to ensure that you’re always getting the very best that we have to offer, we provide secure routine software updates to all of our StreamLink Receiver units.

Our service does more

Advertising Platform

Sell advertising space to suppliers;

enjoy the most targeted marketing available.

No repeats or loops

Over 4500 tracks played every month;

no loops and no repetitive monthly playlists

Listen In - Live

Listen to your stream live in your head office;

keeping track of what’s playing across your stores


What do I need to have in my store to get StreamLink?

All you need is a broadband internet connection, in-store speakers with auxiliary input, one network point in your modem or router (or a wireless network) and a power outlet for the StreamLink receiver unit.

You’ll also need to have a yearly public performance licence from APRAAMCOS.

Is it hard to setup?

Not at all! It’s a simple plug and play device and we give you some easy instructions – you can always call us if you get stuck!

How much of my monthly internet quota will this use?

Not enough to worry about! Over 30 days, at 12 hours of streaming per day in a single store, using our service will only use about 7.75GB.

I'm not part of a larger brand, franchise or group - can I still get StreamLink?

Of course you can! Just get in touch with us via our contact form and we’ll work with you to get you connected with our groundbreaking new local playlist system.

What about music licenses?

StreamLink is 100% covered – we are a registered background music provider with APRAAMCOS and PPCA, adhering to the rules of all industry regulatory and music licensing bodies.

How easy is it?

Step One

Get in touch with us

Step Two

We work with you to build your custom streaming solution

Step Three

 You enjoy the easiest and most reliable music streaming service available

Package Options

Basic Package
Recommended for 1 to 14 stores
Simple music Streaming
Latest Tracks
Simple Plug & Play system
Professional Package
Recommended for 15 to 29 stores
Everything in Basic, plus:
National news & weather updates
Pre-Recorded brand messages
Premium Package
Recommended for 30+ stores
Everything in Professional, plus:
Extended brand messaging
Advertising Platform

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